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    We are here to profit from the opportunity present in today’s real estate market. Through a combination of innovative finance, market insight and expertise we seek to generate the highest returns possible from today’s unprecedented opportunities.

  • Unprecedented

    times we live in

    We live in a new reality where more Americans rent their homes than own them; an America where families need homes, but the banks are the largest owners of real estate; an America where properties are the cheapest they have been since the 1950s.

Middleton May

US Market Fact Sheet

We believe that now is the best time since the Great Depression to invest in US real estate. The market is driven by myriad complex factors, but in this fact sheet we outline the key reasons that we believe the residential market represents such a great opportunity.

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Outperforming the Market

Our Investment Strategy

Whilst we believe that the residential market is set to recover strongly, we do not rely on a rising tide to lift all ships. Instead we aim to outperform the market by leveraging our unique insight and expertise to execute a trading strategy that deliver above market returns.

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The Team

Meet our Team

The successful execution of such an active trading strategy is dependant upon a team of exceptional people. Our team combines the experience, insight and local knowledge that make this possible.

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